About Us

We come together as a team with different roots in the floral spectrum. Many of us have 30 + years in the industry, yet others bring in the youthful aspect, all the while we are fresh and ever changing with knowledge and the experience to make our customers PRIORITY ONE! From Grower, Wholesaler, Retailer, Designer, to Tech….we are it! Our diversity makes us a great team!

What we do?

At Splendor Proteas we provide the highest quality flowers and custom programs to fit your individual needs. From Bulk to bouquets, from Arrangements to Consumer Bunches, we have a full product line for you.

We continue to open avenues and means to bring the freshest flower from the world. We are constantly listening to our customers and their needs while remaining focused on upcoming floral trends in order to keep our lines fresh and up to date.

High Quality

We are in pursuit of excellence, to make our unique products the industry standard for quality, and our customer service second to none. With our award-winning Flowers and Foliage’s keep us moving forward to make it happen again and again!

the difference!

We grow our own Proteas in a different parts of the world. Giving us the ability to design and create unique bouquets and arrangements for different markets as requested by our customers.

We can ship proteas year-round from different parts of the world to give you stability and consistency, making us a great asset.

Our Team

Eli Perez

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Dalia Perez

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Elizabeth Zambrana
Design & Marketing

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Mayerly Pineda
Logistics & Sales

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Rainforest Alliance Certification

Working with Rain Forest Allience Certified farms assures our customers that they are purchasing products that have been grown and harvested using environmental and socially responsible practices.